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Fundraising Events

Events are an excellent way of creating a sense of community amongst Liberal Party members, supporters, volunteers and donors. It is important for volunteers and donors to the Liberal Party not see it as a chasm claiming their time and money, but rather a cause to be championed and funded. Events are an excellent way of cultivating these feelings. In addition to this, events tend to draw a crowd that might not usually donate directly.

The cost of hosting fundraiser events renders many events less effective than the other means of fundraising listed within this guide; however, the benefit of establishing community within the Liberal Party is crucial to maintaining relationships.

Events present an opportunity to strengthen ties to the Liberal Party among past supporters as well as foster new ties among prospective supporters. In the spirit of supporting this community spirit, when events are organized it is a good practice to discount the cost for LC members and VF members. At the entrance to these events offer attendees the option to join the VF, don’t forget to mention the discount available to VF members for the event!

Ottawa-Vanier can confirm that incentivizing VF membership at the entrance to functions is a great way to increase membership and explain the benefits of the VF to an audience that is likely to join. (See Lead by Example section on page 19)


Tips from Top Organizers

Denis Joanette, the candidate for Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, maintains that face-to-face contact with constituents is the single most important aspect of his position. An excellent way for M. Joanette to fulfill his obligation to his constituents is to host an event which allows him to be involved in the community, meet the people of his riding and use the event as an opportunity to raise money for his campaign.

Tyler Banham in Hamilton Mountain maintains that the key to great events and retaining engaged members is to allow your executive and volunteers to run with their ideas.  If someone suggests an event and wants to champion it, let them go!

In Calgary-Centre North, they piggyback member-only events on fundraisers. A recent outing to the Calgary Philharmonic attracted 77 people. The riding association bought the tickets at a group discount, charged the members regular single ticket price and received a discount for buying over 50 tickets.  Their members had a great time and the Riding Association made money.

  • Center your fundraiser events around interesting venues, activities, festivals, etc.
  • Ensure that the cost of the event is less than $200.
  • Try to include a top-notch Liberal speaker.
  • Discount the cost of LC or VF members. The discount is typically $50 or 25%-35% of the ticket price.
  • Establish a core fundraising committee chaired by the Chairman of Fundraising or VP. The committee would be responsible for coordinating all the ticket sellers, choosing the venue and menu, selecting and inviting the speaker and organizing the program and volunteers. This is an excellent way of creating a clear structure of responsibility for members and will enhance the effectiveness of your event.
  • Please see the Lead by Example (see page 19) for other great tips.

Online resources are available to aid in the organization of events as well to help network and organize contact information of attendees.

Firstly, the planning stage of an event can be greatly helped by consulting the following link. The My Calendar function can be used to plan out events, manage volunteers, see upcoming events, and assign Liberalist users to events as needed.


Planning out Events using My Calendar


Once the planning stage of an event has been completed, Liberalist has the added benefit of being able to coordinate volunteers and record invitations. Please click this link for further information:

Linking Volunteers and Attendees to Events

Even if you do not use Liberalist to help plan an event, every event should be registered through Liberalist! Why…?

…because the benefits of registering your event with Liberalist include:

  • Attendees can register easily for your free or ticketed events and pay using secure online payment system.
  • Attendee registration information can be uploaded directly to Liberalist and made easily accessible to you. This information can later be used for follow-up information such as thank you letters, emails, etc.
  • Event promotion is simplified by cutting out PDF forms, simply fill out the information in the link provided below to get your event started!

Submit your Event

Robocalls are a brand new feature that allow the event organizers to advertize an event directly to potential guests’ phone lines. This has so far had great success when employed for national office events.

The “Robocall” typically has the guest speaker, or organizer of the event inviting potential guests to participate in a short voice message.

With the success of the “Robocall” feature it will be coming to Liberalist shortly. However, it is still in its early stages and instructions on how to manage using this are not yet formalized through Liberalist.

If you are interested in using “Robocalls” for one of your events, please contact someone at the Liberalist help desk for help setting it up.

Liberalist Help Desk:

1 (866) 574-5131