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Supporter FAQs for organizers

Who has access to our riding’s list of supporters and can I see the supporters of other ridings?

Anyone authorized by your Riding President may access your riding’s information on Liberalist, the national register of supporters. Any level 3 Liberalist user for your riding may create a list of your riding’s supporters. Level 3 users can also print lists, share lists or create Virtual Phone Banks for level 1 or level 2 users.

When someone registers as a supporter, they become a contact of the riding that they live in on Liberalist. Supporters that do not live in your riding will not be on your list of supporters unless the person is already a contact of your riding.

What role can Riding Presidents play in the supporter launch?

Riding Presidents are responsible to preside over all meetings of the EDA and maintain written job descriptions for their executive members. EDA meetings and job descriptions should facilitate local initiatives to engage potential supporters like social events, policy discussions or phone banks.

Can someone under 18 years of age sign up as a supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada?

No, you must be at least 18 years of age to be a supporter of the Party. However, if the person is at least 14 years of age, he or she may be interested in becoming a member to participate in the Leadership vote.

Click here for more information about joining the Liberal Party of Canada

What support will ridings get to sign up supporters?

  1. Liberalist - Engage people by using the Liberal Party of Canada’s voter identification and relationship management system
  2. Website Services – Promote your Riding Association’s activities to recruit new supporters by using a Liberal website designed to integrate closely with social media and Liberalist
  3. Liberal University – Learn how to engage your community effectively, master the tools of the trade and run a competitive riding association
  4. Provincial Territorial Association Office - Your local Liberal office is there to help you with planning and local organization

Why should we sign up a supporter over a member or a Victory Fund donor?

Becoming a supporter is free. Whenever you are encouraging someone to become more engaged in the Party, think of what type of commitment they are interested in making. Provide information about the benefits of being involved in whichever way(s) you think the person would like to participate.

What should we focus on signing up: supporters, members or donors?

All three. Meaningful engagement as a supporter or a member may encourage someone to attend a fundraising activity or become a Victory Fund donor. Keep your objective and target audience in mind when deciding on local initiatives. Always ensure there is a way to become a supporter, member or donor at your events.

Should ridings create a position on our riding association executive for supporters?

It is not necessary to create a position on your riding executive for supporters since each executive member has their own responsibilities to ensure you run an effective organization.

For more information on running an effective riding association click here.

Who do we talk to for help?

Your Provincial Territorial Association office is your first point of contact for help with your local organization. Click here to look up their contact information.

Can supporters attend and vote at a riding’s Annual General Meeting?

Only members of the Liberal Party of Canada have the right to be invited to and to vote at their riding’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Ridings may choose to hold an open AGM and invite people who are not members; however, only members have the right to vote at these meetings.

For more information regarding members and supporters, please see Chapter 2 and 3 of the LPC Constitution.

Will supporters get a card?

No. In order to receive a Membership card, you must be a member of the Liberal Party of Canada.

For Frequently Asked Questions on membership, click here.

We do not require a full address on the online form, how will we know where supporters live?

Postal code is a mandatory field on the form. Supporters will be made contacts of their riding based on their postal code.

Is the National Party Office contacting anyone to become a Supporter?

Yes. There is a national email and telephone campaign to encourage potential supporters to join the movement.

Do supporters need to renew their status as a supporter like members do?


For more information regarding Supporters, please see Chapter 3 of the LPC Constitution.

How do we sign a supporter up?

Sign up supporters here .

How do I find out who has signed up as a supporter in my riding?

Supporters have been added to the Take Notice emails. These emails are sent to riding presidents the day after a new member, supporter or donor signs up online.

This information is also available on Liberalist, the national register of the supporters of the Party.

To request an access to Liberalist, click here. For a step by step guide on how to create a list of supporters, click here.

What information do supporters receive when they sign up?

New Liberal supporters are the object of a sophisticated and welcoming engagement strategy that aims to move them up the ladder of involvement in our Party, after taking that initial step of putting up their hands and signing-up. Over a two week period, new supporters receive a predetermined series of emails that give every supporter the same initial, orientation experience including, among other things, a warm welcome and an invitation to tell us their story and take a short survey about their top issues.

What message should our EDA send to welcome new supporters?

New supporters receive emails which introduce them to the Party. Your EDA should introduce them to your association. Let them know about any upcoming events or meetings, or let them know how they can get involved.

Is there a paper sign-up form for supporters?

Signing up online is easy and only takes a few seconds. Ridings can invite new supporters to sign-up on

However, if you are at an event or cannot access the internet, you can create your own supporter recruitment form. For maximum flexibility, we recommend that you create a sign-up form that suits your recruitment approach (clipboard, table, etc).

In order to register new supporters the following information is required on paper forms:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Postal code

Responsibility for data entry rests with the riding volunteers who are recruiting supporters. Volunteers must take the information gathered on the form and enter it on to register the supporters. Every effort should be made to complete data entry of new supporters as soon as possible after they are signed up.

We also encourage organizers to visit Liberal University to find helpful hints and recruitment materials.

Can I register a supporter without an email address?

Yes, invite them to sign up here or to call 1-877-542-4271 (9-5pm ET).